What is the Benguela Current Convention (BCC)?

The Benguela Current Convention (BCC) is an intergovernmental Convention established by the Republics of Angola, Namibia and South Africa (Parties) to spearhead regional collaboration for integrated management, sustainable development and protection of the environment, using an ecosystem approach to ocean governance in the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem (BCLME). The BCC is the first inter- governmental Convention in the world to be based on a multi-sectoral approach to Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) management – a move towards managing transboundary resources at the larger ecosystem level (rather than at the national level) and balancing human needs with conservation imperatives.

What is the role of the Youth Ambassadors?

The vision, mission and key performance areas of the BCC are pursued through the implementation of a Strategic Action Programme (SAP). The SAP has set out policy actions to address priority transboundary environmental challenges as identified through a Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA). The BCC recognises the important role that young people can contribute to further the objectives of the SAP and long-term sustainability of the BCLME. The Youth Ambassadors will advocate for young people's voices and actions in conservation and sustainable use of the BCLME through establishing a regional network that would encourage knowledge sharing and innovative approaches in SAP implementation. The Youth Ambassadors will also advise the Benguela Secretariat about issues regarding young people in the region.

What kind of content will be shared on this page?

This website will serve as a platform to share information about what the Youth Ambassadors are doing, including upcoming events. It may also be a platform to share articles and information about ocean governance and the blue economy in general. If you would like to get in touch, please have a look at the contacts page.

Angola Youth Ambassadors
Introduction to the team
Abel Domingos Muyemba
I am Abel Domingos Muyemba, a senior technician in the Economics and Management course, with the specialization "Economics and Development" at the Jean Piaget University of Benguela. I worked for 5 years at Grupo Zahara, in the market area (Kero Hypermarket), as General Services Assistant, having acquired several experience with the group, still held a position in areas such as Counter Operator, Shopkeeper (Competitive price consultation), Responsible for the Control of the Merchandise Ordinance.

I am currently an Administrative Secretary of the Business Alliance of Benguela - AEB, having as one of its members the Provincial Association of Cooperatives and Associations of Artisanal Fisheries of Benguela - APCAPB, Association of Salt Producers - APROSAL, and also the Industrial Association of Angola - AIA. I have been advising the members of the Associations in the most diverse difficulties presented, in an agreement with the Provincial Government and the Municipal Directorate for the Promotion of Integrated Economic Development. During my free time, I enjoy conducting research on local project / proposal issues related to the production, treatment and accommodation of solid waste involving the local community.
Edgar Dias
My name is Edgar Dias. I hold a Bachelor Degree (Honors) in Human Resources Management and Development with Major in Human Resource Development and a Master Degree in International Relations, Diplomacy and Management from the International University of Management (IUM) in which I specialized in Management of International Conflicts.

I have two years experience as a procurement specialist at a supply chain industry, and believe that identifying improved approaches and enhanced solutions to community that includes areas of ocean governance, education, community development, humanitarian affairs, and social justice are activities that drive and inspire me.

I like to serve and engage in programmes that change the atmosphere around me.
Firmão Ila
I am Firmão Ila, of Angolan nationality and born in the province of Cabinda, I have bachelor´s degree in political science and I am graduating in International Relations at the catholic university of Benguela.

I am the director of the company Firmão-Serviços-Lda, providing services in the telecommunications and other sectors.

I am graduated in Business and Entrepreneurship Development from the University of South Africa, Pretoria (YALI program, Young African Leaders) and I am a French teacher, I enjoy subjects related to the marine environment and I am a supporter of family artisanal fishing.

I am member of Luz Verde Technology which aims to develop and sustain environmental sustainability, recycling, collection and adequate treatment of electronic waste, as well as resale and redistribution of oil and it assume the responsibility of the environment education for communities, institutions and organizations at the level the province of Benguela.

My project is to create a company responsible for collecting waste on the seafront, and resolve the impact of biodegradable packaging on the environment.

It is a wonder to enjoy the landscapes and natural beauty of Angola, but its preservation depends on you!
Namibia Youth Ambassadors
Introduction to the team
The Namibia BCC Youth Ambassadors team brings together students and professionals from local universities and institutions whom all have a mutual interest in youth participation in regional collaboration within the BCLME between Namibia, Angola and South Africa. The team comprises of a 50/50 gender split and is committed to promote, raise awareness, advice and collaborate on youth matters pertaining to the protection of the environment and sustainable management of the ocean as well as improving lives through information sharing.

Our team acknowledges the importance of the work of the BCC and wishes to close any gap in the implementation of BCC activities to a wider network, particularly interacting with the youth in Namibia.
Michael Kanghono
Michael Kanghono holds a Bachelor's degree in economics (Honours) with majors in Industrial Economics and Finance from Namibia University of Science and Technology. Michael is an Economist in the Department of Policy, Planning and Economics at the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources. His responsibilities include undertaking socio-economic analysis of the fishing sector's contribution to the national economy and providing socio-economic advice on fisheries management in Namibia.

Prior to joining the Ministry, Michael served as a Market Research Consultant at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) Namibia, where he undertook market research activities. He has an interest in industrial research, particularly on ocean governance, threats and opportunities. During his free time, Michael enjoys conducting research on local and global contemporary issues and/ or engaging the local community to better understand consumer behaviours.
Victoria Mulokoshi
Victoria Mulokoshi completed her Honours Degree in Communication at Namibia University of Science and Technology. Victoria is a currently a Regional Administrator at PAYCOP. Her responsibilities includes office management, event and conference organising. Prior to the current role, Victoria served as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Gadgets Namibia as well as a Brand Ambassador for UGO Activations where she was responsible for development of marketing strategies, brand awareness, event planning, media and social media campaigns as well as organising roadshows and promotions for varius organisaions.

Victoria is immensely passionate about the sustainable management of the ocean and overall environment and, hence she committed herself to enhance her knowledge about the marine ecosystem and to creating awareness through educating community members on the importance of the ocean.
Priskilla Nghaangulwa
Priskilla Nghaangulwa is a final year Environmental Biology student at the University of Namibia. Priskilla is greatly passionate about conservation of biodiversity and ecology hence her vast contribution to various conservancies in Namibia during her study.

In the past, Priskilla undertook an internship at the Rare and Endangered Species Trust situated in Outjo, Namibia. Here tasks included caring and monitoring pangolin behaviour; assisting with data collection, entry, analysis, and report writing. Priskilla also worked with the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) as an ecology intern. CCF is ranked number one globally at conserving cheetahs. During her span CCF, Priskilla worked in the Ecology Department where she took charge of data entry and analysis, conducting game trips, and waterhole counts, setting camera traps, spore tracking, scat detection with scat detection dogs and report writing.

Priskilla also worked at the National Museum of Namibia in Windhoek where she was an assistant mammologist, ornithologist (curator) and a museum educator in these respective departments.

Priskilla is currently employed by the Namibian Dolphin Project (NDP) as a Marine Education and Field Officer. Her duties are mostly to attend to stranded dolphins, whales and turtles (both live and dead); assists the seal disentanglement project with Ocean Conservation Namibia; attends to boat tours on Dolphin sightings for photo identification to monitor dolphins and whales in the area of Walvis Bay (Namibia); educates the public about marine research and conservation and keeps the project up and running. In September 2020 together with her team, Priskilla has conducted a survey and research on the massive Cape fur seal abortions at Pelican Point and Cape Cross Namibia.
Fillemon Shatipamba
Fillemon Shatipamba holds a Bachelor of Science in Geo-Information Science: Geography and Environmental Studies (Honours) from the University of Namibia. Fillemon is one of the founders of the Green Africa Sustainable Development Initiative, which aims to work towards community development and the implementation of sustainable development goals in Namibia, particularly to rural extents.

Fillemon is also the Chairperson of the Geo-information Society of Namibia (GISNA), which is working towards the recognition, professionalization and implementation of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in all areas of development in Namibia. GISNA also serves as an active group to liaise with the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) through the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA).

Fillemon worked as a research assistant at the Ongava Research Centre before moving to the Department of Parks and Wildlife in the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism where he is currently employed. He is an alumnus of the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) as well as an Ambassador for the African Pathfinder leaders institute (APLI). He aspires towards the use of science and technology for the implementation of policies and evidence-based decision making. Fillemon aspires to be an influencer in the blue economy space through his role as a Benguela Current Youth Ambassador and to collaborate with young people across the Benguela current secretariat to achieve sustainable marine resource management and tackling challenges faced by the BCC.
South Africa Youth Ambassadors
Introduction to the team
We are the Benguela Youth Ocean Ambassadors, namely, Samantha Chetty, Jack Dyer, Zodumo Khowa and Seymour Siwa. Our purpose and vision is to serve as emissaries to champion ocean awareness, the value of marine conservation, a sustainable blue ocean economy and to act against the risks threatening the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem, whilst inspiring others to do so.
Zodumo Khowa
Zodumo Khowa completed her BSSc in Geography and Environmental Management at the University of KwaZulu Natal (UKZN) and pursued her BSc Hons in Environmental Management (majoring in Auditing) at the University of South Africa (UNISA). She is a Golden Key member (an organisation for academic excellence). In April 2020, she was selected by Wild Oceans/Wild Trust to join their Ocean Steward Program which is an experiential journey for the marine students. She also joined the ocean movements such as the EarthEcho Youth Action and Wild Oceans PE MPAs Ambassadors. She plans on pursuing her MSc on Marine Conservation in order to help close the gap of people (rural and coastal communities) and the ocean for future generations.
Samantha Chetty
Samantha Chetty has her Masters in Environmental Science, focusing on GIS, remote sensing and alien invasive species. She is currently an intern in the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs. She is deeply passionate about saving the environment, educating people and expanding her knowledge about the ocean. She intends to use her knowledge to better the world, to help people live in harmony with their surroundings and to empower people to make better environmental choices. She is a co-founder of Mimicry42 (Instagram and Facebook) which is dedicated to environmental knowledge sharing and awareness.
Seymour Siwa
Seymour Siwa is a coastal and marine monitor at the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries (DEFF), specializing on oceans and coasts. He did his studies at the University of the Western Cape, and obtained a BSc in Environmental and Water Sciences, with major modules including Surface Water Hydrology, Groundwater, GIS and Biodiversity and Conservation Biology. Further he was awarded a bursary by National Research Foundation to pursue his BSc. Hons in Environmental and Water Sciences majoring in Environmental Assessment and Management, Advance GIS, Hydrology and Research Project in Water Quality. His academic journey continues as he is a candidate for MSc in Environmental and Water Sciences focusing on using Remote Sensing (MODIS) evapotranspiration and Hydrocensus to assess water use in the Nuwejaars sub-catchment. For his MSc he is being funded by Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) Tuition Fee, Water Research Commission (WRC) Research running costs and Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority (CIETA) Stipend. He is passionate about water quality monitoring as he is currently looking after the Camps Bay beach – Llandudno beach, monitoring its physical parameters and nutrients counts, and further assist monitoring the Overberg Region in the Western Cape.
Jack Dyer
Jack Dyer has a Master's and PhD specialising in the blue oceans economy, climate change and the maritime sector, currently serving as a specialist consultant under Blue Economy Future for the past 8 years and creator of a related movement under the website www.blueeconomyfuture.org.za and LinkedIn Dr Jack Dyer Blue Economy Future SA.