Angola Youth Ambassadors
Introduction to the team
Abel Domingos Muyemba
I am Abel Domingos Muyemba, a senior technician in the Economics and Management course, with the specialization "Economics and Development" at the Jean Piaget University of Benguela. I worked for 5 years at Grupo Zahara, in the market area (Kero Hypermarket), as General Services Assistant, having acquired several experience with the group, still held a position in areas such as Counter Operator, Shopkeeper (Competitive price consultation), Responsible for the Control of the Merchandise Ordinance.

I am currently an Administrative Secretary of the Business Alliance of Benguela - AEB, having as one of its members the Provincial Association of Cooperatives and Associations of Artisanal Fisheries of Benguela - APCAPB, Association of Salt Producers - APROSAL, and also the Industrial Association of Angola - AIA. I have been advising the members of the Associations in the most diverse difficulties presented, in an agreement with the Provincial Government and the Municipal Directorate for the Promotion of Integrated Economic Development. During my free time, I enjoy conducting research on local project / proposal issues related to the production, treatment and accommodation of solid waste involving the local community.
Edgar Dias
My name is Edgar Dias. I hold a Bachelor Degree (Honors) in Human Resources Management and Development with Major in Human Resource Development and a Master Degree in International Relations, Diplomacy and Management from the International University of Management (IUM) in which I specialized in Management of International Conflicts.

I have two years experience as a procurement specialist at a supply chain industry, and believe that identifying improved approaches and enhanced solutions to community that includes areas of ocean governance, education, community development, humanitarian affairs, and social justice are activities that drive and inspire me.

I like to serve and engage in programmes that change the atmosphere around me.
Firmão Ila
I am Firmão Ila, of Angolan nationality and born in the province of Cabinda, I have bachelor´s degree in political science and I am graduating in International Relations at the catholic university of Benguela.

I am the director of the company Firmão-Serviços-Lda, providing services in the telecommunications and other sectors.

I am graduated in Business and Entrepreneurship Development from the University of South Africa, Pretoria (YALI program, Young African Leaders) and I am a French teacher, I enjoy subjects related to the marine environment and I am a supporter of family artisanal fishing.

I am member of Luz Verde Technology which aims to develop and sustain environmental sustainability, recycling, collection and adequate treatment of electronic waste, as well as resale and redistribution of oil and it assume the responsibility of the environment education for communities, institutions and organizations at the level the province of Benguela.

My project is to create a company responsible for collecting waste on the seafront, and resolve the impact of biodegradable packaging on the environment.

It is a wonder to enjoy the landscapes and natural beauty of Angola, but its preservation depends on you!